J.Cole – Mr nice watch (Ft. Jay-Z)

J.Cole’s latest leak is titled ‘Mr nice watch’ which features his mentor Jay-Z. It has already been dubbed by many as the US version of Tinie Tempah’s ‘Frisky’ and with good reason.

The first comparison is the beat. It’s rap, but very, very abstract and like Frisky has a lot of unusual sounds in there. Basically it was clearly made in 2011 due to such odd electronic sounds. It’s a million miles away from older hip hop beats, and does sound a bit like a Labrinth beat. Secondly, is Jay-Z’s flow which is different from his usual – it sounds a bit like Tinie’s which is usually very different. It’s still a good song, and with J.Cole it’s different to most, but in saying that it’s very similar to a certain song over here. Listen and see if you can hear similarities…

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