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K-Nite 13 – According To Plan {Mixtape Download}

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Hot off the back of 2011’s stellar Drawing Board LP and his show-stopping appearances on The Quaranteam’s recent free EP, UK lyricist K-Nite 13 finally unleashes his sophomore effort, According To Plan. The album showcases a healthy balance between his uncompromising and inquisitive rapping style with his rugged sample-laden beats, which are all produced by K-Nite 13 himself.

Hailing from Walthamstow via Trinidad, the 25-year old displays rap prowess and musicality beyond his age paints a picture of his inner thoughts about his personal life, the music industry and society. Cuts such as ‘Sign Of The Times’, which features frequent collaborator Jaunty, and ‘Long Road’ offer pensive and thought-provoking verses over fitting melancholic productions.

The harmonious ‘My World’ paints a picture of his day-to-day life from a first-person perspective. Featuring a saxophone-infused jazz sample taking centre stage, the rapper talks frankly about the pitfalls of a career in rap amongst other things. With Krimzon’s vocals weighing in for the chorus it’s one of K-Nite’s most insightful and melodic cuts to date.

Coasting through all-out battle efforts (‘Power Punch’) to introspective and deeply emotive cuts (‘Higher’, ‘Vent’, ‘Long Road’) he manages to stay true to the roots of the genre without back-pedalling and keeps the topics of conversation relevant to the UK in 2012.

Admirers of intricate rhyming schemes and soulful Hip-Hop beats will be happy to hear K-Nite’s body of work as a refreshing addition to the current musical landscape and it’s no surprise he’s been hotly tipped by the likes of SB.TVSoul Culture and tastemaker DJ’s such as 279MK and Shortee Blitz.

K-Nite 13 has the knowledge and ability to craft a body of work that can inspire his peers to break free from the norm and enthrall audiences and According To Plan is a major stepping stone to making this possibility a reality.