Kano – Alien (Ft. Maxsta)

Kano and Mikey J’s project continues to develop, as their latest song ‘Alien’ has emerged – this time with Maxsta on the feature. What’s firstly recognisable, or not in this case is the obscure beat. Here Mikey J has had a lot of fun, blending reggae with dubstep, grime and even a bit of rap. It seems the trend these days to blend a lot of stuff together, and it kind of works – even if the bass is a bit too powerful at times.

As ever, Kano chooses to go with his new flow and accent, which seems to split fans down the middle – some love it, some hate it – however, it’s undeniable he’s still a talented MC. Maxsta also pays homage by opening his account with the lyrics “I’m comfortable, been that way for a month or two”. Where did he get that from we wonder? Anyway, it’s a good, solid track. One word to sum it all up? Experimental.