Krept – Paranormal Activity (Remix)

A few months back Krept dropped the hit ‘Paranormal activity’ which has since been remixed by a load of UK hip hop artists. For those interested, the line up of verses includes: Krept, Cashtastic, Dubz, Johnny Gunz, Yungen, DVS, English Frank, Benny Banks, Ghetts, Double S, Scorcher, Political Peak and Konan. Yes – that’s over ten rappers who feature.

The video shows the theme well too, which shows the rappers as psychotic – including straight jackets, blood stained clothes and ghosts. It’s basically the first ever ‘horror-core’ rap song to hit the UK and it’s a banger. As ever, with such a large list – you may want to listen through and pick the best…it’s hard to call.