Marshay Ramone – Wetter

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Marshay Ramone’s single ‘Wetter’ has been around for a while now and he does something which is lacking a bit in the UK right now, a rap-love song. We say ‘love’, it’s more like sex if honest. It’s content similar to that of Usher or Trey Songs but with rapping to, albeit Marshay proves he can sing too and he does it well. 

The opening lines of the song set the scene, “See we’re about to do it, she’s lying on a bed, she tugs my Calvin Klein’s, I’m feeling down her leg” and as the song progresses you can picture the rest. As said, it’s something which isn’t attempted too much in the UK and we don’t really know why, because the ladies will be sure to like it!
The single Wetter is available off iTunes now:

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