Mr Shaodow – Hustle Smart

This is Mr Shaodow’s first tune since his single with Ghetts, ‘Get stronger’ and with the lyrics and general content from this song, you can assume he’s not been sitting back and relaxing since the release. No, we are given the picture that Shaodow has been busy doing what he does best…touring the country selling his CD’s on street corners everywhere. It’s an old style which has to be admired and this song just about sums it all up

Over the US rapper Ace Hood’s ‘Hustle hard’ with two stand-out lines of “No time for drugs blood I’m a CD hustler sold four-thou, making time for a customer” and “These Breddah’s don’t save it’s all about profit G, they own 24 chains but don’t own property” it’s clear he is clued up, as well as mentioning his Law degree too. But on a musical level we have to say his punchlines and flow have improved rapidly too since the early times of his career. On this basis it’s definitely worth a listen and you better get used to hearing Shaodow as we get the feeling he’ll be everywhere he can.