Naughty Boy – Fuckery (Ft. Dot Rotten, Sneakbo, Mic Righteous, Griminal)

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Super Grime producer Naught Boy showcased the song a few weeks back which has now been transformed into video, that is the song “Fuckery” with four top MC’s, Dot Rotten, Sneakbo, Mic Righteous and Griminal. Each have a verse to do what is effectively a short freestyle over the beat and all do well. Whoever does the best is down to you though. What is clear about Fuckery is the Naughty Boy production levels, shown here with a very high standard, as we have grown to expect from him.

In regards to the video, it is quite odd. Instead of a traditional route the director has chosen to look at a ‘rebelious’ middle class teen. We don’t really know where this is going and it doesn’t really work. However, at least it’s different.

Newport Music – Brian Ennals

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