Overdoz – Dested

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Overdoz out of Los Angeles is hard to draw comparisons to anyone before, which makes it hard to relate them to any sound before. Along with producer group THC which makes up Dested they come with their own beats, covers, dope music videos and a LA swag that is a little hard to come by these days. I’ve been listening to them for awhile now even back when they were in sox city, they’ve come along way, this year they were at the Paid Dues festival and lollapalooza big things for an idid hip-hop group out of Los Angeles. Their subject matter is completely LA, if you can get with that then they will your favorite group. I recently got a close friend to start listening to them by simply just having him watch a music video.. so here’s the Lauren London video ^^

The group consists of Kent a singer/emcee that comes with smooth bars and a silly smooth voice with great transitions. Sleezy comes with the lyrics and word play and Joon, recently featured in Complex Magazines 50 of LA’ s most stylish men, but Joon comes on stage in cookie monster costumes has a hippy fro and rocks a full lumberjack bread, and then theres their hype man and comedian Cream. This funk-electro-hip hop group comes with it every track and every video. Listen enjoy their next project is due out later this year. Hopefully they can stay indie and make it big and keep their signature sound, all it takes is readers you to listen enjoy and share to all your friends.

The download link: Live For, Die For – mixtape

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–Chase Meë