Rival – Late nights, early mornings (Remix Ft. J2k, Mercston & Big Narstie)

If you’re a grime fan then you’ll know of Rivals latest single, Late Nights, Early Mornings which was released yesterday (September 23rd). Accompanying the release is the official remix, which brings in verses from the grime veterans J2k, Mercston and Big Narstie.

As far as the new vocals go, they are very appropriate and provide a similar pensive insight, similar to that of the original. This means no hype, no bragging and is strictly about reflection and ┬áthe deeper side to life. Content wise, this is something fairly diverse, and is quite different to Rivals previous stuff. It also has one of the best hooks in grime for 2012, as Rival sings “Late nights, early mornings and a whole lot on my brain…I feel I need to get away”.

It’s out now…@jusrival