Rootz Manuva – Witness the fitness (1 hope)

Another UK Hip Hop banger, this time from Roots Manuva the epic “Witness the Fitness” from 2001′s album also available on “Well Deep” Roots’ 2007 best of album

Some words from roots manuva about himself;

“It was as a kid. Before I even knew what a soundsystem was. I was walking past Stockwell skateboard park and there was this sound being set up. They were probably just trying out their speakers. I was with my mum, holding my mum’s hand. And I remember my mum being quite intimidated by the whole affair. Such a barrage of bass coming from it! And these dodgy-looking blokes standing beside it just admiring the sound of their bass. It’s just a bass thing. A volume thing. I don’t know if I rose-tint the memories, but I remember it sounded so good, so rich. It’s not like today when we go to clubs and it hurts. It was more of a life-giving bass.”


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