Script – Best Round Here

UK rap artist Script recently leaked this song, ‘Best round here’ which is one of many tracks on his upcoming mixtape ‘Twas written’. This will be a solo piece, as Script is best known for his part in the US/UK music group The Score, who you may remember did a song with the infamous producer Labrinth.

Anyway, going back to ‘Best round here’, it proves Script can hold up a song on his own, and does it in a very confident,┬ábraggadocio┬ámanner. An example being ‘I want those notes like I’m catching up in class, might as well have pay me tattoo’d on my palm’, which also shows his decent word play too. It is this style which is refreshing to hear in UK rap right now, as in current times, there seems an emphasis on the ‘road’ side of things. However, that is not what Script is about. Instead, watch out for Twas written!