SP – Coming along

We’re a bit late on this one but nonetheless, ‘Coming along’ from SP is anĀ absoluteĀ banger. Here, the Birmingham MC spits raw emotion over a string-based instrumental produced by the up and coming Swifta Beater.

As the title suggests, SP is ‘Coming along’ in the music game and the lyrics are based on determination and working through hardship. This, alongside passionate delivery makes for a pretty solid track which has since been remixed by the likes of Funtcase and others.
The visuals are decent too, and it’s far from a typical hood-video which shows progression on the video side of things too. Overall, this is a strong track which certainly puts SP’s name on the map.
‘Coming along’ can be bought here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/coming-along-remixes-single/id507009787