The Others – First Flight

One of Dubstep’s hottest acts, The Others recently created this party banger – ‘First flight’. It’s a far-cry away from ‘Bushido’ and isn’t exactly on the relaxing side, but at least Dubstep purists will relish the fact it isn’t based completely on wobbles and ‘filth’. 
Like many Dubstep songs these days, instead think along the lines of Nero – in terms of quite lively, electronic music. Anyway, the video that accompanies it is based around what looks like a drug induced haze inside a nightclub. We suppose this links in with the ‘flight’ side of the title and whilst it’s hardly a responsible video for what it implies, at least it’s done well and is quite subtle and realistic.

First Flight the EP is available to pre-order here from iTunes and as ever it’s put out by the DubPolice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d62Zz95JuI4