Watchtower – Devlin ft. Ed Sheeran

Devlin has nothing prove but when he does, he brings an old school song originally played by Jimi Hendrix a new face lift. Even if Bob Dylan did write the original, Devlin brings it home to a scene were in the music video he’s being chased down by a swat team while his get away car is being stalled outside, waiting for him inside is Ed Sheeran. Not to give too much away if you haven’t seen it, let’s just say these two don’t play the seemingly good guys. Maybe a bad deal went down and if it did, damn the type of sheer invoked emotion that comes out of this cover is pure brilliance.

With his second album “A Moving Picture,” being released this year in October. Oh Devlin what can you not do. Anything he touches seems to embellish especially for a young rapper. He is without a doubt making it all worthwhile, taking in the beats and transferring them into a piece of music history.

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