Wiley – Wot u call it?

Back in 2004 when Grime was just a baby, it thrived on experiments from the founding pioneers. The pioneer for Grime has to be credited as Wiley, and when he chose to experiment, ‘Wot u call it?’ was the result. Here is were the Eski sound was born. To be more specific, go to 1.15 seconds exactly on the video…it is that exact sound which kicks in which Wiley pretty much invented and put into Grime.

The song was part of his début album, ‘Treddin on thin ice’ which many regard as his best. It is definitely one of his rawest and this was one of its singles. It even managed to enter the UK top 40 charts, albeit quite a low entry, but nonetheless this was a testament to his buzz at the time, and the public seemed to identify this a good song. Looking back, it seems a lifetime ago and the patchy video quality proves it. However, it’s only been 7 years – which shows Grimes progression in recent times, as well as just how important Mr. Wiley’s contribution has been to the genre as a whole.

The classic album which Wot u call it? comes from can be downloaded here: Wot Do U Call It? – Treddin’ On Thin Ice