Cottonmouth – Pink Elephants (Remix of Dumbo song)

Cottonmouth sure enjoys his remixes and yesterday he dropped ‘Pink elephants’ a remix of the old Dumbo song. Like his usual standards, it’s a nice blend of the original and dubstep and he pulls it off well.

In fact, we could help but shiver a bit whilst listening as it sounded like some kind of post-nuclear holocaust track. That being, the eerie Dumbo singing among the dubstep wobbles sounds like something you’d hear in an armoured bunker whilst eating tinned food. Of course, we mean this as a compliment, and any music that can whip up human emotions usually means it’s a hit!
This song is out now for free as part of Cottonmouths birthday, he gave us fans a present: http://soundcloud.com/cottonmouthedge/dumbo-pink-elephants