Junior Brat Vs Redneck | Wretch 32 Forgiveness (Remix)

Junior Brat is fast becoming a name to watch in the music scene. Following his cycle of remixes to very known tracks, The rising rapper, returns with a monstrous remix to Wretch 32 – Forgiveness. His joined by raising dubstep … Continue reading

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Nero – Reaching Out (Wilkinson Remix)

Simply put, Wilkinson is a boss when it comes to making dnb tracks and he has a fine talent of remixing tracks too. So, when he was asked to remix Nero’s smash new single ‘Reaching out’, the result was always … Continue reading

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Waka Flocka – Round of applause (Twista Remix)

A few months ago rapper Waka Flocka Flame released his song ‘Round of applause’ which saw him congratulate women for their assets. As vain as the song was at times, it also had an undeniable catchy element to it, especially … Continue reading

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Jay-Z vs Project Alfie – Dead Presidents

If honest I’d barely heard of Project Alfie before hand, but will be keeping an eye on his stuff from now on. This is after listening to his ‘Dead presidents’ cover/mash up which was basically a blend of his own … Continue reading

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Avicii – Levels (Skrillex remix)

Another day…another dubstep remix. This time Skrillex has been given the official duty to remake Avicii’s ‘Levels’ which is fair to be crowned the best trance song in many years. With this in mind, Skrillex is immediately put on a … Continue reading

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Follow Fashion (WILL POWER REMIX) – XO MAN ft. Mikill Pane, Master Shortie & Sincere

Follow Fashion has been a big success especially with a 5 minute slot featuring Mikill Pane on channel 4/Random Acts. Following on from there, Will Power has been dropping a few naughty remixes lately and this is one of them!! … Continue reading

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Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Liam Walds Remix)

Every now and then a remix pops up which completely changes the original – in a good way. Step up Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video games’ which has been remixed by a promising youtube producer called Liam Walds. The production style … Continue reading

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Rihanna Ft Wiley – We Found Love

This unofficial little gem – which reminds us a little of William’s ‘Wearing My Rolex’ – popped up on the internet bizarrely. In a strange way we liked it but wish he could of given us a little more than … Continue reading

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Stanton Warriors – Shoot Me Down (Sigma Remix)

It’s no secret that Stanton Warriors and Sigma are two huge names in the production world so when the latter remixed the former’s song, ‘Shoot me down’ – fans where always going to be pleased. What was the result? In … Continue reading

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Wretch 32 – Forgiveness ft. Etta Bond (Stinkahbell Remix)

Stinkahbell is a well-respected name in dubstep, so when they remixed Wretch 32′s ‘Forgiveness’ it was greeted with anticipation and excitement, unlike a lot of generic dubstep remixes out there. Well. It’s not exactly a groundbreaking remix, and it does … Continue reading

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