Bugzy Malone – Lost In MeanWhile City {Review}

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Soundophiles Rating: 8/10

Bugzy Malone, the talented rapper from Manchester has amassed a small yet loyal following from his YouTube freestyles, his impressive Daily Duppy sessions and last years “Why So Serious’ mixtape. The anticipation around his latest venture the Lost In Meanwhile City mixtape has been growing with a few tracks leaking on YouTube, Bugzy winning the Manchester heats of the Converse MC contest and the video dropping to his London Freestyle which we featured last week. The mixtape doesn’t disappoint and is sure to boost Bugzys profile and propel him into the elite of UK’s rappers.

This is not your average throwaway mixtape compiled of a mix mash of mediocre tracks. Instead this is a structured, fresh, original, raw, emotional and brilliantly executed piece of work. To the backdrop of the comic book influenced ‘MeanWhile City’ skits, Bugzy takes you through a tour of his mind and shares his outlook on life. On ‘ClockWork of Events’ Bugzy describes his lyrics as a tool to “express myself, document the series of unfortunate events that got me in this mess.”

The mixtape is very hip hop orientated which may disappoint some who are fans of Bugzys Grime output. The lyrics revolve around tales of street life and Bugzys former criminal past life. This is best exemplified on the track ‘Bad Guy’ where Bugzy sings a chorus that uses a quote from the infamous Scarface movie ‘You need guys like me so you can say that’s the bad guy’. Bugzy tells us stories of his life spitting “Have You ever been arrested, have you ever been to court, have you ever looked a judge in his eyes while he throws away your life?.” Before telling us about his relationship with his Father that many will be able to relate to – “Have you ever had your Dad approach you when you were a teen, cos he heard your making money and he sees you living clean…he was just in it for the P but I can’t knock him he’s just a bigger version of me”

Bugzy also shows a softer side on ‘Make Your Move’ a track about meeting and wooing a girl at a coffee shop over a relaxing J Dilla esque beat whilst ‘Criminal Love’ sees Bugzy retell a story of a previous flame.

The progression from the Why So Serious mixtape is clear to see, there is more confidence on this mixtape as Bugzy even sings most of his own choruses. He is also backed up by some of Manchesters elite as Tyler Daley lends his soulful tones to the bonus track ‘Weekend’ whilst RIO, Wrigz, Janiece Myers, Diane and the impressive sounding Shoa also feature. There is a good mix of original productions and classic beats (anyone spitting over DJ Mentats ‘When I Give My Heart’ is a win in my book) which manages to keep the mixtape varied and interesting.

Rappers from the North have traditionally found it hard to make their mark in the London dominated music scene but hopefully this mixtape will continue to break down these barriers.

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