Clear Soul Forces

The Force is strong.  Detroit hip hop group, Clear Soul Forces, makes sure of this sans midi-chlorian.  With distinct styles,  Ilajide, E-Fav, L.A.Z.and Noveliss forge interchangeable free flowing flows, the promise of tomorrow’s vision and the nostalgia of boom bap.

This group of Motown misfits dropped their Detroit Revolution (s). The group love to deliver witty lines such as Welcome to the Show’s , ‘We drop jewels like clumsy jewelers’  and Half as long//Twice as Bright‘s ‘My body of work gold like Cp30′. In Keep it Moving clear soul forces dismisses  lames and lack lusters alike with ‘ we done been rock bottom and came out on top like kicking out of the rock’s finisher’. In 15 minutes, the group demand an hour for each of the members allotted moments of fame over jazzy trumpet loops/choral harmonizing with cleverly simplistic metaphors like ‘ we massage your soul like Dr. Schols’.

A shout out to the classic ‘ Dead Presidents film is portrayed in the Richard Taylor directed ‘stick ‘Em’ .  CSF pull a masterful heist on the industry goods of wax and beats in the heart of Michigan’s streets.   Fan-Ta-Sa-Ro injects the staccato hook style that we have come to love from Detroit’s style.  Runnin’ closes out the album with their personal grind to the music and even calling out glass half empty fans with ‘the rebirth and revival of better music, you complain about the state of our culture but never do $h!t: Revolution.  We do this.’

Every verse from each member has at least one line that stands out to either make you grimace in approval or chuckle at it’s wittiness. And this stable of young Detroit rhyme revolutionaries seem to just be stretching.  The revolution(s) may not be televised but it will sure as hell be heard.  You can catch their music here.

by L.A