Have you heard about Horrorshow?

Before Solo and Adit had hit their 21st birthday they had released their debut album, sold out head lining shows and developed a devoted almost cult like following. Coming from the inner west part of Sydney, Australia. By that time they had grouped up with Spit Syndicate and Joyride to form the One Day crew. While their album “The Grey Space” (2008) was released by Elefant Traks, it also earned a ARIA nomination. Adding a bit of sophistication to an unsolicited world. The empty times of  a not so great refuge of family and uneasy pride. If and when you learn anything while growing up; no matter where you come from, you need a note to yourself to distinguish the loud and the silent. Sometimes you need that single hand to throw it back in your face to get it together. Horrorshow not only has the words that fit the bill but in the term ‘put your money were your mouth is,” couldn’t be anymore relevant. Yeah we get caught up in everyday shit but once you feel a realistic quality towards a piece of work (in this case music). You can’t just throw it away.

With the internet and fast pace revolving around us being more connected to machine software than a human heartbeat. In a moment where the duo make the everyday beats follow through as if you were hooked up to an IV and the blood being pumped back into you was the album they had made. Horrorshow have had a ‘word of mouth’ rise to fame. Just show up and see if you stay or while walking by a house with the window down, listening in on the rising volume as Solo over laps his vocals to bring in the chanting, echo quality over quantity.

Progression in the music industry today is based on how far Lady Gaga can transform herself into a fish or a mermaid at this point. Who can out do who. I don’t know about you but I prefer the original of battling it out. Song against song, who lasts in the final round is up to the artist not the clothes they wear. Transformation is a type or form of idea as we get older, you see who sticks around and who disappears to end up on some reality television show. The brighter the background or hair brings more attention. Horrorshow is a talent that has an under ground current to a power station of an uncanny Gil Scott Heron ability, that pleasant static that repeats a beat you’ll remember from dreams.

“Inside Story” the second album has the darker tone that some sophomore albums barely accomplish. Earning the triple J Feature Album just as the buzz surrounding them festered into an album that people started paying more attention to and searching for. But what “Inside Story” brings to the table is the fused together particles of spliced beats, electric guitar and sometimes keys of music were touched together with a radioactive material called ‘figure of speech.’ Which still in this day and age is taboo.

I wanted to bring to light the duos, solos and groups that you don’t normally hear unless you came upon them by chance. It’s a hell of a lot sweeter that way. Since Adit produces the music and Solo has the vocals behind the rhythm of tone. Did you hear? the newest song from their upcoming third album is playful in a lip biting sense. That moment when you hear the soulful, play jump of horns and piano keys playing rapidly in a series.
A jam splendor of honest lyrics with no holding back necessary, you smile at the fact that you are in on the joke and when someone asks you, you have the privilege of lending them the speakers that transfer the music to the outside world.

Now we wait as the third album is due out sometime this year.