Hood Hype and Smooth Beats

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Radio anymore you get one of two things, the continuous Top 40 or the other Top 40 no one wants to hear that belongs somewhere in Nashville. So in pursuit of something to actually listen to, I came across HoodHype.com a hip hop/reggae and soul based podcast that reviews albums from artists of today that if you are shy with hearing such blunt honesty than this station is not for you. If you have a bit of a tougher skin then please be my guest and listen in. To broadcasting from the A3C Festival, giving us some of the most intimate idealism that surrounds the community of hip hop located in various places well known for the birth of beats like Detroit and parts of Atlanta. From tours of people you’ve probably never heard of but you definitely should because come on, someone with the right tone is out there giving words life and you are being left in the shadow with your traditional FM wavelength radio. Time to get into the thick of things and fall into the tryst of the good stuff that, well that will actually make you want to dive deep under the ground to find the music you know has been out there but you just haven’t come across it yet.

Oh yeah also HoodHype has a page dedicated to free albums, because they know some of you can’t get a hold of them because of where you live or your just restricted at the present time. So I’m here to help.

Smooth Beats is the truth of such idiotic subdivisions of the standard repeated mash up of remixes that will leave your brain fried. Go on Smooth Beats, become educated about the things you actually care about instead of the commercial rome-zone that is just as useless as aol. Yeah I just brought up aol, hopefully know one knows what the hell that is.   Here there is a little bit of everything from hip hop, funk to nujazz and the in between that can’t be penned down to have any kind of genre but it sounds fucking amazing even when you are trying to describe it to someone but you just have to sit them down and make them listen.