Nispey Hussle – XOYO Gig Review

A few years ago West Coast Hip Hop was really struggling with a vacuum created by the lack of dynamic new artists emerging. Nipsey Hussle has firmly stepped into this space with his brand of Hip Hop that in many respects sounds like a young Snoop Dogg. It isn’t just the braids and the Crips affiliation that draws this comparison it is the flow and charisma as well. Since then the LA rapper has stepped up with a series of mixtapes culminating in his first world tour which stopped off in London at XOYO on a Sunday night.

From the opening track Love taken from his acclaimed Marathon mixtape it was clear that Nipsey has the type of tracks built for a live show with bass heavy melodic beats and sing-a-long choruses. The knowledgeable crowd lapped up every minute and reacted excitedly to the first line from each new track with the massive Run A Lap and his biggest hit to date Hussle In The House really getting the intimate venue jumping.

Being Nipsey’s first full length tour it was understandable that the artist was a little tired and this became evident in his performance, he was often unable to sustain his high energy vocals for a full track resorting to miming and also surprisingly not performing an Encore having left the stage with little warning. However, this was a minor blip in an excellent show from one of the rising stars of Hip Hop, next time he comes to the UK it will probably be a much less intimate stadium tour so to be there was quite an experience.

Check some of the fan footage above.