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2 Chainz- Based on a T.R.U Story

“Lock yourself in a room doin five beats a day for three summers/ That’s a different world like Kree Summers/ I deserve to do these numbers.” 2 Chainz is 36, has a four year old daughter, and although he’s been … Continue reading

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RiFF RAFF- Birth of An Icon

Want to see RiFF RAFF’s $45,000 chain? According to a description he gave to XXL it’s made of “3-D Reversible Civil War Dime Denver Mint Diamonds…14k white gold front smothered in Pink cashmere diamonds Red Rubys and Purple Fluorecent Accent … Continue reading

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Hood Hype and Smooth Beats

Radio anymore you get one of two things, the continuous Top 40 or the other Top 40 no one wants to hear that belongs somewhere in Nashville. So in pursuit of something to actually listen to, I came across … Continue reading

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Car Crash or Madness in the form of Genuis…Die Antwoord

I had heard of Ant since 2011, about this duo a male and female from South Africa, the guy going by the name of Ninja. And she went by Yolandi. Honestly I didn’t know what to think when I came … Continue reading

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Have you heard about Horrorshow?

Before Solo and Adit had hit their 21st birthday they had released their debut album, sold out head lining shows and developed a devoted almost cult like following. Coming from the inner west part of Sydney, Australia. By that time … Continue reading

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Fields – Utopia Music 009

The latest single to be released on Mako’s Bristol based label, Utopia Music, is one of those singles, which competently gives a real insight into two very different facets of a producers character. A twelve like this is important for … Continue reading

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DRS – Count To Ten

Over the last 15 years, DRS has ascended through the ranks of drum and bass to become one of the most respected and talented wordsmiths in the UK. In the process he also managed to extend his success into the … Continue reading

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Nas – Life is good (Album review)

It’s been four years since Nas last released a solo album, but this week finally saw the release of ‘Life is good’, which will probably be known in history as “The album cover with ex-wife Kelis’s wedding dress”. Of course … Continue reading

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50 Cent – 5 (Murder by numbers) Review

’5′ is not like most releases, when looking at its context. The project was put forward by 50 Cent a mere few weeks ago, and today it dropped…for free. With that in mind, it’s had little promotion, hype or anything … Continue reading

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Cynikal – Breakfast Mixtape

Cynikal is a name I have seen bubbling on the scene for a while now since seeing him impress at the January edition of DeJaVuFMs We Play Music . The East London British-Asian rapper is bringing back some of missing … Continue reading

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