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RiFF RAFF- Birth of An Icon

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Want to see RiFF RAFF’s $45,000 chain? According to a description he gave to XXL it’s made of “3-D Reversible Civil War Dime Denver Mint Diamonds…14k white gold front smothered in Pink cashmere diamonds Red Rubys and Purple Fluorecent Accent sapphires…Mad Descent side 14k yellow gold with Goldy Hawn margarine diamonds surrounded by polka dot jelly bean emeralds and Aqua Marine teal diamonds.”

Sound like a bit much? See RiFF’s “Birth of an Icon” mixtape: loud, colorful, flashy, but always blessed by Mad Descent cool.

Spitting gems of coked-out logic over massive slices of trap, dance hall, and dubstep, Jody Highroller manages to stay a step ahead of haters by making less sense than them. (“I done shook dice with Larry Bird in Barcelona”.)

Like Lil Wayne, he’s mostly indefensible here: either this batch of off-kilter freestyles will make you smile, or it won’t. Looking for nuanced production? Appreciate technical talent? “Birth of an Icon” might not get you going.

Not that RiFF isn’t technically gifted, or that there aren’t a few choice beats here (“Bird on a Wire” and “Jose Canseco” would be hard not to win with), but subtlety is definitely not the agenda.

Instead, RiFF wants to rattle your trunk. Throw on the 14k white gold front smothered in Pink cashmere diamonds and check your brain at the door.

Download: RiFF RAFF “BiRTH OF AN iCON”