Black Milk: Enough Said

Artists that know what they are talking about and can back up their shit? A trait that sadly only a few possess but when you come across that one that gets your blood pumping and mind racing, there’s nothing quite like finding the pleasure in not only the man but the music that he makes. A big thing for me has always been either like the music and not the artist or vice versa. Black Milk who has kept it real in the purest form of the term you can conjure. What’s even better is he recorded with Jack White a fellow Detroit native, even playing at Jack White’s Third Man Records shop in Nashville, TN which ended up being recorded live. Again even better he has worked with J Dilla, Lloyd Banks and Pharoahe Monch.

The man has been releasing new tracks since 2004 at such a constant pace starting with B.R. Gunna, with Young RJ and Fat Ray releasing Dirty District: Vol. 2. In total he has released 8 collaborations and 5 solo works. Still touring extensively. He has stated that his influence has been a heavy embed of the 80′s and 90′s era with J Dilla fueling the soulful, jazz beat that takes form in all of his work.

As well as being a dedicated man to his hometown, his latest album “Album of the Year,” features instrumentalists and vocalist from Detroit the likes of Melanie Rutherford, Tim Shellabarger and Sam Beaubien.

Black Milk is known for stripping down the skeletal process of his songs and building a body of work that is hard to be categorized. Being able to rise above the intention of traditional hip hop but allowing the work he inserts into his seemingly workaholic nature, breath with an organic idea base. Many may have influences but some seem to associate that with copying exactly what they hear. Not from what I’ve heard, Black Milk takes his childhood of re-sonic waves to a new land were only the dedicated survivalists; hints in the reason why his latest album was titled “Album of the Year,” reflected on what was happening around him in the past year. Of course critics will say he named it because he thought it was indeed thee best album of the year but move aside stuck up money driven individuals, can’t a man actually make a record worth listening without being objectified by it’s title. Yes phrase’s have several meanings but come on take the man’s word. Or at least read what has been going on with him on his website. Basic fact, get your shit straight, identify what you hear and more importantly enjoy what Black Milk has made. Listen and turn it up loud.