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Jamais Vu Launch 19th Febuary | Free Tickets

LAUNCHING FEBRUARY 19TH It’s always time for a party and what better way to end your week than with friends, music and doing it real big. We present Jamais Vu, a Sunday night essential. You’ve never seen anything like this … Continue reading

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Sigma and T Phonic – Do you love me? (Infuze remix)

When it comes to modern dnb, it’s pretty much written in stone that Sigma are royalty, and with T Phonic they recently created ‘Do you love me?’ which saw an official release including vinyl and everything else. It’s safe to … Continue reading

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N3gus – Kites

N3gus is a fairly new name in the dnb scene so there’s always an air of anticipation regarding a fresh artists first few tracks. Luckily for us, ‘Kites’ is a decent listen so it’s true to say he gets the … Continue reading

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Rollz – Capture Me

After making a lasting impression on most of 2011, Rollz has leaked ‘Capture me’ which will be his last sign-off for the year. As ever, the production quality is high and there’s an old-school feel to ‘Capture me’ as this … Continue reading

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Interface – Desperate Measures

It’s always a good sign for quality music when a dnb song is released on Shogun audio, the label who usually get it spot on with releases. This is the case with Interface, whose song ‘Desperate measures’ is under the … Continue reading

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Nero – Reaching Out (Wilkinson Remix)

Simply put, Wilkinson is a boss when it comes to making dnb tracks and he has a fine talent of remixing tracks too. So, when he was asked to remix Nero’s smash new single ‘Reaching out’, the result was always … Continue reading

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Enei – Obsession (Ft. MC DRS)

Enei is a top dnb producer so it’s always good to hear new content from the man. Anyway, his latest track, entitled ‘Obsession’ features MC DRS who is a pretty good MC as far as dnb goes. Don’t expect any … Continue reading

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Noisia – Could this be

‘Could this be’ is Noisia’s latest track, and like usual it doesn’t fail to deliver. Listeners could be mistaken for thinking this is fresh out of the Tron soundtrack of last year, because it has that special sound running through … Continue reading

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Aze – Sweet impatience

Right now, Aze is one of those many producers who is putting in hard graft. This comes in the form of liquid drumnbass – and his latest song, ‘Sweet impatience’ shows how the hard work is paying off, as it’s … Continue reading

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Stanton Warriors – Shoot Me Down (Sigma Remix)

It’s no secret that Stanton Warriors and Sigma are two huge names in the production world so when the latter remixed the former’s song, ‘Shoot me down’ – fans where always going to be pleased. What was the result? In … Continue reading

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