Drum and bass


CJ Bolland – Carmargue (Fred V and Grafix remix)

It’s no doubt that CJ Bolland is a veteran producer and one with a great talent too, so it’s always a risk when new producers attempt to remix a legends work. However, in the case of Fred V and Grafix … Continue reading

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Maduk – Levitate

Drum & Bass producer Maduk recently released his ‘Avalon EP’ under the Liquicity label. There’s a clue to the sub genre in the labels name – liquid – so expect light, chilled d&b and less of the harder stuff. Off … Continue reading

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Blu Mar Ten – Whisper (Ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw)

‘Whisper’ is the latest big d&b track to come out from Blu Mar Ten in recent times. It has a bit of a chilled vibe throughout – as vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw provides some chilled singing around a liquid-type beat, which … Continue reading

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Nero – Crush on you (Knife Party remix)

Nero’s video for their latest single ‘Crush on you’ dropped last week and like the actual song, was original, weird and a pretty good watch! It is from their latest album, and many fans agree is one of the releases … Continue reading

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High Maintenance – Nowhere

‘Nowhere’ is the latest track from High Maintenance and like usual, it’s that good sh*t which will make you go wild. It’s pretty generic in dnb terms (in a good way) but the real star of the track is the … Continue reading

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Xilent – Evolutions per minute

The dnb song ‘Evolutions per minute’ has been around for a while now but today was its official release. Xilent’s beat is experimental, odd and very hard on the ears, so fans of liquid should cower into a corner when … Continue reading

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Bungle – Blue

About one month ago drumnbass producer Bungle dropped his album ‘Memories’ which was ten songs in length. We thought we’d feature the best of the album in form of the song ‘Blue’ which seems to have the biggest buzz around … Continue reading

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Camo and Krooked – Cross the Line

As the days draw nearer to October 3rd, the leaks continue to drop. We’re talking about Camo and Krooked’s upcoming album ‘Cross the line’ and today the self-titled song, which probably inspired the whole project was leaked. It’s another liquid … Continue reading

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Breakshift – Life in orbit

Breakshift are pretty unknown in the dnb world but will hopefully continue to grow into a real force. The groups debut album ‘All the dreams you never had’ is out in just three days, and this song, ‘Life in orbit’ … Continue reading

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Camo and Krooked – Far away

‘Far away’ has a distinct retro feel to it with the use of light synths and sounds memorable from old Sega games and stuff. It’s very electronic-influenced and is quite chilled out as far as the genre goes. However, that … Continue reading

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