Drum and bass


Russo – Bad Tonight (Shock one remix)

You may have heard the original a few months back, ‘Bad tonight’ which starred Russo and featured Dot Rotten who threw in a rap verse. Anyway, step forward in time since then and you have a remix by dnb producer … Continue reading

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Hamilton – Echoes

‘Echoes’ is one of the two songs from Hamilton’s latest release which also includes the song ‘Brainstorm’. It has a much more chilled vibe to it when compared to the latter and has some nice chimes to it throughout. You … Continue reading

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The Prototypes – Taking me over (Ft. Laura Vane)

The Prototypes EP ‘Born to rise’ dropped about 5 days ago now and one of the hit songs off the project has to be ‘Taking me over’ which features vocals by singer Laura Vane. The song starts off pretty obscurely … Continue reading

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Cyantific – Touch me

Cyantific’s ‘Touch me’ is described by RAM as “A surprise for the dancefloor” – and what is meant by that is the drop. The song starts off pretty normally, with quite a relaxed feel due to the light drums and … Continue reading

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Enei – Stonehead EP

The ‘Stonehead EP’ is by Enei and has been out for around one month now. It is best described as ‘ambient dnb’ due to its unusual sounds, and it isn’t liquid – but is still relaxing…if that makes any sense … Continue reading

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Sensai – Bad memory

Last week saw the release of Sensai’s ‘Bad memory EP’ which has four songs, all being drumNbass. The title song, ‘Bad memory’ is a return to oldskool, fast and ruthless dnb – with a really heavy bassline throughout. Forget the … Continue reading

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Camo and Krooked – Watch it burn (Ft. Ayah Marar)

Camo and Krooked have been busy preparing for their new album ‘Cross the line’ which is due out shortly – and as you imagine the release will be full of drumNbass hits. As you may have gathered, ‘Watch it burn’ … Continue reading

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Taxman – My House

The song ‘My house’ has been doing the rounds for a while now but it was properly released only one week ago under the legendary label ‘Playaz’. In short, the tune is a mixture of electro and drumNbass, combining the … Continue reading

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Rido – Twisted (Ft. Thomas Oliver)

‘Twisted’ is the result of Rido’s production and Thomas Oliver on the vocals. It’s a worthy combination and unlike a lot of new drumNbass – has a very big, dark bassline. You could even call it ‘twisted’ due to it … Continue reading

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Cassius – I love you so (Skream remix)

This song has been out for many months but it’s only of late that it’s really grabbed everyone’s attention on a large scale. The original, by Cassius has been featured in a Citreon advert – and was recently used as … Continue reading

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