Benga – Smack your bitch up

Today the official video for Benga’s “Smack your bitch up” came out, which is some pretty sweet dubstep. Here Benga remixes the classic Prodigy song “Smack my bitch up” with a dubstep twist. This time the focus is on a change … Continue reading

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Korn…dubstep album?!

Korn are no strangers in regards to releasing varying types of music. Ask the likes of Nas and Ice Cube, who have both featured on the rock groups past albums.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, today marked a … Continue reading

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Cottonmouth – Tubular Bass

Cottonmouth, the pride of Cheddar, England, is set to release his newest EP, Tubular Bass, June 14, 2011, on Permanent Damage Records. Tubular Bass heralds the next phase of the up-and-coming dubstep producer’s career, with savvy arrangements, ear piercing synths, … Continue reading

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Skrillex – Ruff Neck Bass

Dubstep producer Skrillex has recently set the benchmark for what is described most often as ‘filthy’ and ‘dirty’ dubstep. Whatever your take on it, it is good music. Anyway, dubstep fans will have been aware of “Ruffneck bass” for a while … Continue reading

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Bare Noize – Prepare to die

Bare Noize, the London dubstep producer recently released “Prepare to die” into the world, which has quickly gained a small buzz. Call it ‘brostep’ or anything else, but it is at least very experimental and opens sounding more like a rock … Continue reading

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Faith SFX – Roadtrip (Ft. Ghetts)

It has been little over a week since the release of Faith SFX’s latest release – “Man or machine” which features a host of MC’s, including the likes of Ghetts, Scorcher, Random Impulse and Lowkey. Here, possibly one of the … Continue reading

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Last Japan – Blood Diamond (Ft. Trim)

Dubstep producer Last Japan recently teamed up with grime veteran and self-acclaimed ‘Lord of the Sith’s’ Trim to create the song “Blood diamond”. The collaboration is a great achievement by the two and the instrumental seems perfect for a Trim vocal, who … Continue reading

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Nero – Dubstep symphony

It has been a great year for Nero so far who have enjoyed charting and have helped dubstep hit a wider audience. A couple of days ago Nero decided to do something completely unique and revolutionary, conduct the first ever … Continue reading

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Skream – Detrimental

Skream’s latest track premièred a few days ago and so far has received the same level of praise that his usual releases get. The song, entitled “Detrimental” is a classic ‘wobble’ song, with a big bass throughout and is instantly recognisable of dubstep. In … Continue reading

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Blacks and P – Out now.

Today marks the release of their official mixtape “Blacks and P”, which is over 20 tracks strong and features beats which for the majority are grime, with a hint of dubstep in between. After hearing the likes of P Money’s … Continue reading

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