Sleepin Giantz Album Out Now

One of the most highly anticipated albums of the year has just dropped! A link up between 3 pioneers of the UK Hip Hop and Garage scenes, rappers Fallacy and Rodney P plus producer Zed Bias are collectively known as … Continue reading

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Fallacy – Rapper Tag Freestyle

The UK Hip Hop legend that is Fallacy steps out from the wilderness to give RapperTag his first freestyle in years!! Fallacy shows why he is still one of the top spitters in the UK today by destroying Faze Miyaki’s … Continue reading

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Fallacy and Fusion – The Groundbreaker

When MC Fallacy and producer Fusion got working together in 2002, a UK classic was made – ‘The groundbreaker’. As usual with UK hip hop, we can’t help but feel if this was released in the USA, it would have … Continue reading

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