The Movement – Dealers

Go back to 2006 and picture the Grime scene. It was quite different when compared with today’s version and one of those reasons was because of the crew, ‘The movement’. Back then – The movement had a real buzz about … Continue reading

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Jendor – Dot Rotten send

It’s no secret that Jendor has fell out with Dot Rotten over the past year and as a result a real feud has developed. A few months back Jendor did a track called ‘RIP Dot Rotten’ in which he aired his views, … Continue reading

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Mz Bratt – Speeding By (Ft. Dot Rotten)

Mz Bratt has marked the release of her latest mixtape ‘Elements’ with a video for the song ‘Speeding by’ which features Dot Rotten. The song has a nice chilled feel to it and is shot in sunny Spain to show this … Continue reading

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Giggs – Talking the hardest

In 2008 it is safe to say Giggs was not as well known as he is today. However, ‘Talking the hardest’ is the song which got the ball rolling, creating a buzz which lead to several mixtapes, singles, video shootings, … Continue reading

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Big H and Flash G – Wake Up

It seems this song has been around for ages and in reality it kind of has. Well, a few months to be precise and almost every Grime fan has been itching to get hold of an official release. As is … Continue reading

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Roll Deep – When I'm Ere

Back in 2005, when Grime was truly flourishing there was one major name in the scene…Roll Deep. The crew, who were a lot different back then, in members and style released ‘When I’m ere’ as one of their first singles … Continue reading

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Frisco – P's and Q's freestyle

It’s been years since the original ‘Ps and Qs’ dropped by Kano but Frisco has revived the Davinche instrumental by choosing to freestyle over it just recently. It was a risky move by the MC, as if done wrong, he … Continue reading

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Tempa T – Gonzo Workout series

Team Tempa T up with SBTV, in a collaboration with Gonzo workouts and you have a short youtube workout series! However, this is only for the brave! Here, one of Grime’s most hench MC’s shows how to get in good shape with … Continue reading

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Belle Amie – Girls Up (Ft JME/Remix)

You may remember Belle Amie from the X-Factor. Well, the girl group recently dropped their first video a few weeks back. Even more current, the trio shot the video for the Grime remix, lead by one of Grime’s most known … Continue reading

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Wiley – Wot u call it?

Back in 2004 when Grime was just a baby, it thrived on experiments from the founding pioneers. The pioneer for Grime has to be credited as Wiley, and when he chose to experiment, ‘Wot u call it?’ was the result. … Continue reading

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