mr shaodow


Mr Shaodow – Ignant

Mr Shaodow is back with his latest song, ‘Ignant’ which is pure hip hop and like usual, the multi-talented MC brings something different in the form of a quirky video. More precisely, we’re on about his quality nunchuk skills which … Continue reading

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Mr Shaodow – Hustle Smart

This is Mr Shaodow’s first tune since his single with Ghetts, ‘Get stronger’ and with the lyrics and general content from this song, you can assume he’s not been sitting back and relaxing since the release. No, we are given … Continue reading

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Mr Shaodow – Stronger (Ft. Ghetts)

Mr Shaodow’s latest single “Stronger” was released just two days ago now and moments ago the official video was showcased by SB.TV.¬†Firstly, the song is one themed on dedication and hard work. Here Shaodow uses the chorus of “Stronger, Stronger, … Continue reading

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