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Skrillex & Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem

Well here is a collaboration I didn’t see coming!! The most revered/hated figure in Dubstep – Grammy award winning Skrillex – has teamed up with the Reggae legend Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley! Although Dubstep emanates from Dub I really didn’t … Continue reading

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Adele Vs. Skrillex – Set Fire To Everybody (Mashup)

Skrillex and Adele are very different musicians so when somebody by the name of Ca7 decided to do a mashup, it was always going to be an interesting out come. Here, Ca7 takes Skrillex’s ‘Kill everybody’ and adds Adele’s ‘Set … Continue reading

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Skrillex – Summit (Ft. Ellie Goulding)

Christmas has seen many releases, and Skrillex is no different. His ‘Bangarang’ EP has currently available from most digital stores, and for parts it’s typical Skrillex. In other parts of the release however, his style is¬†noticeably¬†different – and this change … Continue reading

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Avicii – Levels (Skrillex remix)

Another day…another dubstep remix. This time Skrillex has been given the official duty to remake Avicii’s ‘Levels’ which is fair to be crowned the best trance song in many years. With this in mind, Skrillex is immediately put on a … Continue reading

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Skrillex – Kill Everybody (Koan remix)

Skrillex’s ‘Kill everybody’ has been around for some time now but today the Koan remix dropped, which is pretty self explanatory. Here, the beat is chopped up, edited and whatever else you want to call it, as the high-pitched vocals … Continue reading

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Sebastian – Love In Motion' ft. Mayer Hawthorne (Skrillex Remix)

Skrillex is back with his latest remix for Sebastian’s ‘Love in motion’ which features singer Mayer Hawthorne’s vocals throughout. Here they go through a series of being edited, chopped up and numerous forms of change. However, as ever with Skrillex … Continue reading

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Skrillex – First of the year

Electronic music videos are always ‘different’ and this is certainly the case for the video of ‘First of the year’ by Skrillex. On a musical note, it’s your textbook Skrillex stuff, big bass, wobbles and screeching noises. However, the video … Continue reading

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Skrillex – New song?

His opening song at Starscape was something different, new and mostly exciting. Little is known about it, but what we do understand is that it was packed full of wobbles and sent the crowd into mayhem. As of yet, there … Continue reading

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Skrillex – Equinox

Wobble master and all-round filth master Skrillex recently put the song ‘Equinox’ onto youtube, which is now heading for the 1 million view mark in little under a month. Impressively, his ability to churn out Dubstep to the masses is … Continue reading

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Skrillex – Rock n roll

Skrillex brings us Rock N Roll, a Dubstep song with his usual crazy wobbles and energetic vibes. With this in notice, Skrillex is fast becoming one of Dubsteps rising stars and has gathered quite a following already .The video is … Continue reading

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