Jammer ft. Lord Of The Mic’s Allstars

Some have labelled it the most exciting thing to happen to grime this year, but wherever your opinion lies, there’s no denying Lord Of The Mic’s 3 has got the whole scene talking, from grime to beyond. Brought to us by true veteran artist Jammer, who is famed for his part in grime collective Boy Better Know, ‘LOTM3′ has brought a hype into a genre which is loved for it’s ability to generate an unrivalled energy, at all times.

The MC’s on this generations Lord Of The Mic’s include the likes of Marger, Rival, Kozzie, J1, Wariko, Merky Ace and many, many, more. There was no option but for this to be my video of the week, as the tune which sees a heap of MC’s spitting on my favourite grime beat, Take Off by Faze Miyake, is a great reflection of the scene as it is now, with just a touch of what we all love about it from the past.